Constitution Day Colloquium and Kirby Center Dedication – Part II

Kirby Center Dedication
The Kirby Center in Washington, D.C.

Kirby Center Dedication
An attendee takes a picture of Hillsdale Professor of Art Sam Knecht’s painting of the signing of the Constitution.

Kirby Center Dedication
Attendees tour the Kirby Center. There is still construction work to be finished before the opening of the building.

Constitution Day Colloquium and Kirby Center Dedication – Part I

I was in Washington, D.C. two weeks ago to shoot Hillsdale College’s Constitution Day Colloquium and the dedication of the new Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship. These are shots from the first day.

Kirby Center Dedication
Bill Kristol speaks during one of the colloquium sessions.

Kirby Center Dedication
Dr. Victor Davis Hanson talks with audience members after a morning session.

Kirby Center Dedication
Hillsdale College students explore Mt. Vernon before Thursday evening’s event.

Kirby Center Dedication
Two very awesome people.

Kirby Center Dedication

Kirby Center Dedication
Richard Brookhiser’s tie was distracting.

One Year Ago: D.C. Red Line Metro Wreck

Even though I am not working at the Washington Examiner this summer, I landed the front page photo again today as the newspaper preempts the one year anniversary of the horrible Red Line Metro wreck with the question, Is Metro any safer? Here’s the photo they ran.

Red Line Metro Wreck Revisited

You can find some of the other photos I took here and here.

Day 336: Mirror Therapy

I learned today that some photos I took this summer for a client were published in a U.S. Military Health System magazine. You can read the article and view my photos on page 7 and 8 here. It was a really interesting shoot focused around mirror therapy for patients experiencing phantom limb pain at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It reminds me how grateful we should be to those who serve in our armed forces. Below is one of the published photos.

Mirror Therapy

Day 308: Art Deco Dog

Art Deco Dog

I came across this photo as I was consolidating my clips from the summer. I shot some furniture for an article that ran in the Examiner about art deco style and as I went to shoot one last piece this dog, who belonged to a man who had just entered the store, hopped up into the $3,750 1930’s chair and made himself comfortable. I thought it was funny and snapped this shot.

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