Trevor’s Bachelor Party

In May I trekked out to somewhere in Nebraska to join some of my best friends in the world for the wedding of our good friend Trevor. I wasn’t photographing the wedding, as I was a groomsman, but I shot some of the bachelor party, held at my friend Julius’ cabin. We went wake boarding and tubing on the lake, which was oval with a long island in the middle creating a perfect track. It was such a blast!

Tubing isn’t tubing without the groom taking a nice spill   :)


Portrait Practice

I shot this the other day while experimenting with shallow depth-of-field portraits. Special thanks to the ever-patient and always good-looking Trevor.

Portrait Practice

Strobist info: Softbox with single SB-600 camera left.
Camera info: Nikon D300 with Nikon 50mm f/1.4 at 1/320s | f/1.4 | ISO100

To Build a Fire

To build a fire

Lighter fluid is impressive, but it doesn’t help much when trying to build a solid fire. I apologize for the lack of posts – my summer has been busy with many things other than photography.

Day 176: Beanie Boy

Beanie Boy

I received my working copy of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard today and it installed perfectly. Besides the the new features like the super-awesome Adobe Camera RAW 5.3 (which I used to edit today’s photo), I’ve noticed a improvement in performance. Bridge and Photoshop seem to launch faster than they did in CS3.

Day 172: Shaded

Lamp Shade

So I was really excited the other day to get Adobe Creative Suite 4 in the mail and popped the first install disc in to my machine only to discover the disc was corrupt and didn’t work. I tried it on a couple other machines with the same sad result. I email Amazon and they immediately shipped me a new copy (which should get here Monday) and gave me a printable label to affix to the box and drop in the UPS Drop Box to return. Hopefully the next copy will actually work and I can be using Adobe Camera RAW 5.3 very soon.

In other news, my site got hacked this afternoon, but I was able to get it all back up and running within an hour thanks to the support of the awesome guys at InMotionHosting. It was probably some new-found exploit that some kid who thinks he’s cool is using and then telling people, “I’m a hacker!” Well, you’re not a hacker, you’re not cool, but you are very annoying. Now to figure out how to fix the apparent vulnerability so it doesn’t get exploited again….

Strobist info: Single SB-600 in a 36” x 36” softbox to camera right triggered using a Cactus V2s.

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