Day 232: Tractor Route

As seen in downtown Budapest.

Day 51: Guest Post — Sandor Balint

Photo by Sandor Balint

Today I am featuring a photo by my friend Sandor Balint. This shot was taken during a “trash the dress” session he did. Trash the dress is a recently-coined term describing non-traditional wedding photos. Often these sessions are poorly done and literally involve trashing the wedding dress, but others, like Sandor’s gallery, are creative and tasteful. Some of my other favorites include this indoor one and this other outdoor one. Sandor is based out of Budapest, Hungary, and can be contacted via his site.

Day 31: Bike Tricks

Bike Tricks

Day 26: Classic Vespa

Classic Vespa

We were talking about Vespas and Budapest recently, both of which reminded me of this shot I took this summer.

Budapest at Night

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