Day 363: Arizona HDR

Arizona HDR

I forgot I had this undeveloped HDR image from last spring. I really like HDR for landscapes as it helps bring out the details and subtle colors. I hope to explore this some more this semester as I work on my post-processing techniques.

Day 257: Time-Lapse Grand Canyon Sunset

Taken a while ago, but I’m finally getting around to posting it.

Day 165: Lizard


Day 163: Abandoned

Abandoned HDR

Day 148: Grand Canyon Panoramic HDR

Grand Canyon Panoramic HDR

This photo is just a tiny preview of the huge image that you can view with Silverlight. Clicking on the above image should prompt you to install the plugin if you don’t already have it, but just in case here are installation links:
Windows | Mac

I think the image could be sharper, but I don’t think it’s too bad for my first panoramic HDR effort. I also didn’t take the time to fix the weird darkening issues in the sky for the middle two photos. I used three exposures each to create the four HDR shots I then stitched together in Photoshop and exported using HD View and Deep Zoom and Silverlight.

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