Yosemite Time-lapse

Quicktime required to view. Hit play to start.

Day 257: Time-Lapse Grand Canyon Sunset

Taken a while ago, but I’m finally getting around to posting it.

Day 253: Konya Sunset Time-Lapse

Here’s the time-lapse of Konya I promised.

Day 68: Amaryllis Time-Lapse

The other day my mom was telling me about her Amaryllis plant and how fast it was growing. I decided I’d watch the plant grow, so I placed it into my home-made soft box, set my camera to take a picture every 30 minutes, and went to bed. I imported the resulting images into Photoshop as an animation and exported it as the Quicktime movie you see above. You can check out another time-lapse project I did a while back here.

Time-Lapse Photography

I’ve recently become interested in time-lapse photography, especially since my D300 has the ability built-in under the name “interval timer shooting.” With the shutter delay option, the D300 also incorporates another advantage a remote cord offers: reducing camera shake from the photographer’s hand. It seems to me that most D300/D3 users really don’t need to spend $100+ on a remote cord except for maybe bulb use. Anyway, last night I wound my way up the levels of a parking garage to the top in order to take some time-lapse photographs of a busy intersection near my house. Below is the result of my first attempt, put together using Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s about 18MB, so it may take a while to load for dial-up users. Quicktime required to view. Hit play to start.

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