Trey & Andrea

It was so fun shooting engagement photos for my friends in Houston last fall when I was there. The save the date cards hit mailboxes this week and I look forward to being in their wedding this summer!

The Christmas Smoker

The Christmas Smoker

This German incense smoker has long been a traditional fixture of Christmas for my family, who I was blessed to be with again this past Christmas.

Sean & Morgan: The Toss

The best part of this series is seeing two of the bride’s younger brothers competing so fiercely. :)

The Toss

Editing Away

Sean & Morgan

I can’t believe Sean and Morgan have been married for almost a whole month! And I’m still editing! I really need more time in a week…
I’m a groomsman in and helping to shoot yet another wedding this weekend, but it’s the last wedding I’m a part of that’s on the horizon.


One of the adventures we groomsmen found ourselves upon the other week at my friend’s wedding involved alligators. Well, involved getting very close to them, anyway.



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