Special Olympics Basketball Team

Special Olympics Basketball Team

It was neat to watch LeeAnne work with these guys during their practice. She really has a talent and a joy in coaching this team. Read the whole story here.


Nick Washburn

It was fun to watch our 6’9” freshman forward/center run over the other team on the way to the basket last week. Hillsdale won that game against Ashland 73-62 and won again Thursday night against Saginaw Valley State, though I wasn’t able to go to the game. They play again this afternoon.

Day 136: GLIAC Trophy

GLIAC Trophy

Congratulations to the Charger Girls Basketball team on winning the GLIAC Championship and moving on to the NCAA Division II playoffs. Read the article and see another photo here.

Day 125: IM Basketball

IM Basketball

Strobist info: one SB-600 on the floor pointed upwards and zoomed in slightly to camera left. I risked it getting hit or stepped on by the players, but I think it was worth it to get this shot.

Check out my fisheye shot from the same night here.

Day 112: Chelsea Harrison

Chelsea Harrison

You can read the spotlight piece here. Strobist info: SB-600 through umbrella camera left and bare SB-600 focused on the goal camera right. Shot using my friend’s Tokina 11-16mm.

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