Mt Diablo

Last Saturday a friend and I hiked up Mt Diablo. We started at Curry Point and hiked the Summit Trail to the top. The view was a little hazy, but we could see the Golden Gate Bridge and the afternoon sun reflecting off the buildings in San Francisco.




Yesterday I had the privilege of going to Pixar for a screening of the new Cars 2 movie which comes out on Friday. Below are a few shots of places where I was allowed to take photos. Thanks to my friend Anthony for hooking me up!

My golden ticket

Luxo, Jr. and ball

Sully and Mike

Luigi and Guido

Part of the lobby in Pixar’s main building

Last Weekend

My sister told me the other day that I should update this, but since I’ve moved to California I haven’t taken very many pictures, which is sad since there are so many great places to photograph. I did take a few photos with my iPhone last week when I met up with some friends from college I hadn’t seen in a while for a San Francisco Giants game, so I figured I’d post them. Giants won 3-2.

San Francisco Giants Baseball Game

San Francisco Giants Baseball Game

I’ve been busy with work and commitments outside of work, including my role with Rebuild Sudan. We’re very close to our fundraising goal for the Jalle School which is about to begin construction in South Sudan. Check out our project page for details, news, and to donate!

Trace Bundy in San Francisco

Trace Bundy

This weekend my friend Dave invited me to attend a leadership course with him up in Santa Rosa. It was an incredible, educational, and humbling experience and I’m really thankful he invited me. I have a lot to think through.

After the course wrapped up Sunday evening I headed across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to meet up with a friend from college and hear Trace Bundy play at Café du Nord. Trace is an incredible guitarist and his live shows are always beautiful and fun. He played a couple different things since I saw him play last at Hillsdale last year. My two favorites were his new unnamed song utilizing both his guitars and his rendition of U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” I also got to meet his new, super-cute son, Sawyer.

After the concert I crashed at Dave and Sarah’s place because Sarah and I had some meetings this morning for Rebuild Sudan, a group we’ve both worked with for a little while now. Be sure to check out the site and check back there soon as a lot of exciting stuff is happening, especially with the school we’re building. I’m also now officially on the Board of Advisors.

After the meetings the three of us watched a documentary called Waiting for “Superman.” It is an excellent documentary that exposes the problems with America’s public school system and how so many people who claim to want the best for our nation’s children are really more interested in maintaining an often-corrupt system that rewards mediocrity and excellence equally. You can check out the trailer here.

iPhone 4

The advantages of pre-ordering the iPhone 4 online are two-fold: you don’t have to wait in stupid long lines and there is a chance you might get it early. I avoided the lines forming for tomorrow’s launch and scored my iPhone 4 early.

iPhone 4

First impressions: the device is amazing. The screen is phenomenally sharp, the build is smaller than my old iPhone 3G and feels sturdier, and it is lightning fast compared to my 3G. FaceTime is also really, really cool, but it’s limited currently to video-chatting only between iPhone 4s (developers for apps like Skype are probably working on implementing the API as you read this). I knew someone else who got their device today, so we were able to try it out.

The setup was a breeze. I plugged it in, went through a few steps, let it activate – took a minute or so – and loaded the last backup from my 3G and synced all my apps, music, etc. All my settings down to my background image were successfully transferred. It was a great experience and I still have a lot to explore on the new iPhone 4 and iOS4.

New and Old iPhones

So what am I going to do with my old iPhone you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! I am donating my old iPhone 3G to a missionary in Africa who is able to use it to check his email and get online – and makes calls, of course – anywhere he can get cell reception, which is actually a large and continuously-growing area. If any of you have old iPhones, Blackberries, or other so-called “smartphones” which have an internet browser and/or email program and would be willing to ship them to an address within the U.S., you would be able to majorly bless a missionary in Africa. Please contact me if you are interested or want more details.

Oh, and these photos are brought to you by the new Nikon 24mm f/2.8 prime lens I picked up last weekend for an absolute steal.

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