Custom Camera Bags

My friend Jan is really creative even beyond his photography, and his latest project exemplifies this yet again. He’s often gone the DIY route (see his other blog posts), creating what he needs better and cheaper than the products on the market. This time he’s making camera and photography gear bags not just for himself. Read his latest blog post and let him know if you want a custom bag created!

Day 302: New Lighting Equipment

Beauty Dish

I just finished making a beauty dish based on David Tejada’s popular tutorial. This is a test shot using my little brother since I don’t have any of my light stands at home with me. I threw another light behind him for a little rim lighting.

Strobist info: one SB-600 in DIY beauty dish and one SB-600 behind. Triggered using Nikon CLS.

Day 293: Binoculars

Nikon Binoculars

My little brother just got a nice pair of binoculars for birding – and of course they’re Nikon. :)

Day 260: D300


Strobist info: single SB-600 fired through an umbrella to camera left.

Day 42: New Cards

New SanDisk Compact Flash Cards

This year my one Black Friday purchase was made while sitting comfortably in an armchair. I picked up these three SanDisk Extreme III 8GB Compact Flash Cards for, after rebate, a mere $6.61 each from Adorama. No more space worries for shooting in RAW.

Oh, and Zach, this is not evidence for your “all good things come in threes” argument. :)

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