Joe + Jen

Joe and Jen’s wedding was at the beautiful Forest Home Farms in San Ramon, California, in October.

I loved the pin that Jen’s dad wore: “I loved her first.”

Jen’s dad also tore it on up on the dance floor!

A beautiful couple and a beautiful venue. So glad to be a part of their special day!

Trey & Andrea

It was so fun shooting engagement photos for my friends in Houston last fall when I was there. The save the date cards hit mailboxes this week and I look forward to being in their wedding this summer!

Billy + Natalie

A few weeks ago I had the joy of photographing the wedding of one of the guys in my community group from church. Billy is a mature, faithful man and we’ve been blessed to have him in our group this past year. We already miss him!

I hung with and photographed the groomsmen while my friend Melissa was with the bridesmaids.

How beautiful are the engagement ring and wedding band? Billy designed both himself!

Congratulations! May your marriage honor the Lord as a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for the church!

Mt Diablo

Last Saturday a friend and I hiked up Mt Diablo. We started at Curry Point and hiked the Summit Trail to the top. The view was a little hazy, but we could see the Golden Gate Bridge and the afternoon sun reflecting off the buildings in San Francisco.



Bay Tour

My buddy Jordan is out visiting me this week and we’ve been having a blast! The first day my friend Ben took us up on a Bay Tour. There was a decent amount of fog and The Golden Gate Bridge was all fogged over, but it was still an awesome experience!

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