Sunset at The Getty

Sunset at the Getty

Road to the Getty

Road to the Getty

This past weekend I flew down to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with a good friend of mine who is working there for the summer. Saturday afternoon we drove up to The Getty and explored the the beautiful grounds and exhibits housed there. It is a remarkable place and I definitely want to go back and spend more time there!

Mat Kearney & Owl City Concert

One of my co-workers who works in our Indianapolis office is also an accomplished drummer having toured with the likes of Jars of Clay and Dave Barnes and is currently touring with Mat Kearney. A couple co-workers and I headed into San Francisco last night to see him open with Mat Kearney for Owl City at The Warfield. After Mat Kearney’s set we were able to meet up with Chad for a few minutes before Owl City started. It was a really good concert and I came away with the conclusion that Owl City is so much better live. Adam takes to the stage with five others who in total play violin, cello, keys, drums, guitar, bass, chimes, and more. It really was an excellent show.

Mat Kearney at The Warfield
Mat Kearney

Owl City at The Warfield
Owl City

Sean & Morgan: The Toss

The best part of this series is seeing two of the bride’s younger brothers competing so fiercely. :)

The Toss

Independence Day on the Bay

Craneway Pavilion

Fireworks during the concert finale at Craneway Pavilion in Richmond last Sunday evening. So grateful to spend the weekend with my good friend Trevor and much of it – including the concert – with his awesome family. It’s such a blessing to be adopted by other families, especially when you’re almost 2000 miles away from your actual family.

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