Editing Away

Sean & Morgan

I can’t believe Sean and Morgan have been married for almost a whole month! And I’m still editing! I really need more time in a week…
I’m a groomsman in and helping to shoot yet another wedding this weekend, but it’s the last wedding I’m a part of that’s on the horizon.


Yesterday I had the privilege of going to Pixar for a screening of the new Cars 2 movie which comes out on Friday. Below are a few shots of places where I was allowed to take photos. Thanks to my friend Anthony for hooking me up!

My golden ticket

Luxo, Jr. and ball

Sully and Mike

Luigi and Guido

Part of the lobby in Pixar’s main building


One of the adventures we groomsmen found ourselves upon the other week at my friend’s wedding involved alligators. Well, involved getting very close to them, anyway.



Our New Housemate

The newest roommate -- Chewie

This is our newest housemate, Chewbacca – Chewie for short – a lab puppy my roommate got for his birthday the other week. He’s cute, feisty, and – living up to his nickname – likes to chew on things.

Sean & Morgan: Sneak Peak

Sean and Morgan Wedding

I haven’t even had time to look through all my photos from last weekend’s wedding that I was both in and helped shoot, but I wanted to post a teaser. Being in two different weddings in two different states over two consecutive weekends was certainly tiring, but I wouldn’t have missed either for the world! Congratulations to Sean and Morgan! Your wedding was such a joyous and Christ-centered celebration and I feel very privileged to have been a part! More pictures to come from this wedding weekend and a bachelor party from the previous weekend when my life slows down a little and I have time to edit.

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