The West Coast

West Coast

I have been blessed to live this final semester of college with three amazing, godly guys who have all been such an encouragement to me. They are also a ton of fun to hang out with and always willing to go along with any crazy photo ideas I cook up, like our first house photo. I am certainly going to miss these three men.

We named our off-campus apartment The West Coast because all of us have lived at some point on the West Coast. The families of my three housemates all still live there and I’ll be going back next month to start a full-time job with the start-up company I worked for this past summer located in the Bay Area. I am really excited to go back and work hard at a company I love with people I greatly respect and admire. I’d like to keep up my photography, so hopefully I can land some shoots on the side. If you’re a reader in the Bay Area and want to hire me or know someone who might, drop me a line.

And now the nerdy photography stuff…
Strobist info: SB-600 through softbox camera right, SB-600 in beauty dish camera left, white reflector used for fill camera left.
Special thanks to Shannon for snapping the photo so I didn’t have to bust out the tripod. :)

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