iPhone 4

The advantages of pre-ordering the iPhone 4 online are two-fold: you don’t have to wait in stupid long lines and there is a chance you might get it early. I avoided the lines forming for tomorrow’s launch and scored my iPhone 4 early.

iPhone 4

First impressions: the device is amazing. The screen is phenomenally sharp, the build is smaller than my old iPhone 3G and feels sturdier, and it is lightning fast compared to my 3G. FaceTime is also really, really cool, but it’s limited currently to video-chatting only between iPhone 4s (developers for apps like Skype are probably working on implementing the API as you read this). I knew someone else who got their device today, so we were able to try it out.

The setup was a breeze. I plugged it in, went through a few steps, let it activate – took a minute or so – and loaded the last backup from my 3G and synced all my apps, music, etc. All my settings down to my background image were successfully transferred. It was a great experience and I still have a lot to explore on the new iPhone 4 and iOS4.

New and Old iPhones

So what am I going to do with my old iPhone you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! I am donating my old iPhone 3G to a missionary in Africa who is able to use it to check his email and get online – and makes calls, of course – anywhere he can get cell reception, which is actually a large and continuously-growing area. If any of you have old iPhones, Blackberries, or other so-called “smartphones” which have an internet browser and/or email program and would be willing to ship them to an address within the U.S., you would be able to majorly bless a missionary in Africa. Please contact me if you are interested or want more details.

Oh, and these photos are brought to you by the new Nikon 24mm f/2.8 prime lens I picked up last weekend for an absolute steal.

Sunset from the Longest Day

Yesterday marked the summer solstice, which is both the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Zach and I went up into the Berkeley Hills by the Lawrence Hall of Science to watch the sunset with the Japanese student who just moved into the room across the hall from us and will be here for a couple months as he attends a Kaplan English course. The panoramic shot below was taken at 8:35pm. Click on the image for the full experience.

Summer Solstice Sunset Panorama

One Year Ago: D.C. Red Line Metro Wreck

Even though I am not working at the Washington Examiner this summer, I landed the front page photo again today as the newspaper preempts the one year anniversary of the horrible Red Line Metro wreck with the question, Is Metro any safer? Here’s the photo they ran.

Red Line Metro Wreck Revisited

You can find some of the other photos I took here and here.

Giants Game

This past weekend I had a great time with my older brother who came to visit. One of the things we did was go on Friday night to the San Francisco Giants versus Oakland Athletics game downtown at the beautiful AT&T Park. This photo comes to you courtesy of my iPhone, which will soon be replaced with a shiny new iPhone 4.

San Francisco Giants Baseball Game

Eric & Wendy: Part III

Eric and Wendy's Wedding

Eric and Wendy's Wedding

Eric and Wendy's Wedding

Eric and Wendy's Wedding

Eric and Wendy's Wedding

The End :)

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