Nick Washburn

It was fun to watch our 6’9” freshman forward/center run over the other team on the way to the basket last week. Hillsdale won that game against Ashland 73-62 and won again Thursday night against Saginaw Valley State, though I wasn’t able to go to the game. They play again this afternoon.

For Sale By Owner

The ice rink the college purchased and set up on the quad finally opened tonight after delays due to warm weather. It obviously didn’t open soon enough for the person who set up this humorous sign earlier this week. Read about it here.

Mount Tamalpais

The view from the north side of Mount Tamalpais at sunset.


I went to California for the last five days of Christmas break to visit my good friend and roommate who lives in the Bay Area. One of the days we drove up to Mount Tamalpais. When we arrived at the trail to the summit, there was only one car in the whole parking lot. It must have been the park ranger’s, because she was the only person we saw there on our way up to the top. As always, click on the image to view it larger.

The Stadium

My first post after a month-long hiatus is actually a photo I took back in November at Hillsdale’s playoff game versus Minnesota State in Mankato, Minnesota. I actually forgot to post it and just discovered it today. I have some recent photos I’m working on and will be posting them over the next couple of days.

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