Tuesday night we got our first big snow, which resulted in snowmen and snowball fights. This was by far the largest snowman built, but was destroyed that same night prior to a snowball fight between the two wings of my dorm. The north side guys rolled the body of the snow man in front of the south side’s back door, but later had to move it because it was blocking our fire escape. I wish I had gotten a photo of them trying to move it away from the door because it took about six guys, with one sitting on top of the giant snowball and pushing against the door with his back to roll it away.

Christmas Cards

These are just a few of the cards made by students at Hillsdale for a terminally ill 5-year-old named Noah Biorkman who sadly passed away on November 23 from neuroblastoma, a type of nerve-tissue cancer. You can read the Collegian article here.


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