Day 308: Art Deco Dog

Art Deco Dog

I came across this photo as I was consolidating my clips from the summer. I shot some furniture for an article that ran in the Examiner about art deco style and as I went to shoot one last piece this dog, who belonged to a man who had just entered the store, hopped up into the $3,750 1930’s chair and made himself comfortable. I thought it was funny and snapped this shot.

Day 307: Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation

A warm welcome to the class of 2013. Back in my day freshmen didn’t get free class t-shirts, so be grateful.

Day 306: My Room

Dorm Room

I arrived back at college late this afternoon and moved back into my room. This will be my fourth year with the same awesome roommate and third year in the same dorm room (our first year we were in a room two floors below). Our room setup really hasn’t changed since freshman year. Now I just need to make some more prints to hang back up on the blank wall….

Day 305: Stock Certificate

Stock Certificate

I didn’t shoot anything today since it was mostly spent driving. I’ll be back in Hillsdale tomorrow.

Day 304: Family History

Family History

Tonight my grandmother gave me a very special gift – an old legal document box containing documents that belonged to my great-great-great-grandfather who I am named after and a few papers from his children. The papers are remarkably well preserved. The beautifully hand-written letter from Thomas Hart Benton looks like it was written yesterday, despite the date being July 7, 1859! There is even a stock certificate and a thirteen Franc check in the assortment. I think it’s an awesome gift. :)

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