Day 252: SingleHop


A couple months ago I reconnected with a friend who now lives in Chicago and works for SingleHop, a web hosting company specializing in dedicated hosting. SingleHop’s motto is “We manage IT differently,” and they do, placing an emphasis on customer service and giving every client a dedicated account executive. They also have a slick server management tool they built called LEAP which clients can use from any browser and a version called LEAPmobile for mobile devices, including the iPhone. SingleHop has tripled in size in the past year and continues to grow rapidly.

My friend gave me the full tour of one of their data centers, which was a really cool experience. We had to go through a number of security measures including a biometric scan before we arrived in the main server room. The facility is equipped with a battery backup and diesel generators in case of power loss, a temperature and climate control system, and a server-safe fire suppression system. Being a techie, I thoroughly enjoyed being shown around, learning about SingleHop’s various dedicated sever options, and checking out expensive hardware that pipes in the internet at mind-blowing speeds. I hope next time I’m in Chicago I can tour their new, even more advanced data center.

If you’re in the market for dedicated hosting, I would highly recommend checking out what SingleHop has to offer. Whether it’s Windows or Linux hosting you need, SingleHop can get you up and running less than an hour after purchasing a stock dedicated server plan.

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