Dat 246: Barbecue Battle

I went to Safeway’s National Capital Barbecue Battle on Sunday. These photos were published in yesterday’s Examiner.

Barbecue Boys


Day 245: Tethering on the iPhone

Tethering on the iPhone

Today I decided I’d try the method for enabling tethering on the iPhone without jailbreaking. It was an easy, seamless process and works great. The above is an actual screenshot from my iPhone.

The only thing I had to do was upgrade to iTunes 8.2 on my laptop which I was using for the trial run. I hadn’t bothered to upgrade yet since I sync on my desktop. I used the first method outlined here to get everything working.

I’ve read of a few people having problems with their visual voicemail, but that was using another method which was more complicated and involved updating the IPCC file via iTunes and rebooting the iPhone. So far I’ve had no problems and will post something if I do.

Day 244: Swimming Heat

Swimming Heat

This photo ran inside the paper with the article about summer swim teams. It was worth standing out there on a Saturday morning in the rain to get these shots.

Day 243: Summer Swim Team

Summer Swim Team

This was my second cover shot for the Examiner this week and ran on Thursday. You can read the article here.

Day 242: Metro Prayer Vigil

Metro Prayer Vigil

This shot ran in Wednesday’s paper.

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