Day 185: Rob


Rob Ogden, drummer for Juny.

Day 184: Mu Alpha

Mu Alpha

I took this a week or two ago for Mu Alpha, a men’s music honorary on campus. Jan was willing to help me out with this shoot, so we put our heads (and gear) together. Hopefully when Jan’s site launches he’ll post one or more of the shots he took, which will be different because they were taken in another location.

Strobist info: assorted strobes (Nikon, Canon, Vivitar), one softbox above subjects to camera right and another above subjects to camera left. Two shoot-through umbrellas on either side of the group. All fired with Cactus V2s triggers. Click here to see a photo of me in action taken by Jan.

Day 183: Juny From The Crowd

Juny from the Crowd

Day 182: Dan


Dan Miloch, lead singer and guitarist for Juny.

Day 181: Juny in Concert

Juny in Concert

Last night Juny played their last college-wide concert as students, headlining at the yearly Centralhallapalooza. Everyone would love to keep them forever (as witnessed by the the chants of “one more year!” from the crowd last night), but four out the five are graduating seniors. They packed the tent last night (this photo doesn’t do the size of the crowd justice) and played a great set, as always.

Look for them on the cover and on the inside of the next Hillsdale Magazine, photos by yours truly. I’ll be posting more shots from the whole Centralhallapalooza event, including more concert photos, this coming week. You can see a shot of Juny from Battle of the Bands here.

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