Day 34: Fish Food Fight

Fish Food Fight

Day 33: Guest Post — Wade Barker

College Football -- Wade Barker

This is the first guest post I’ve done on my site and it’s featuring a shot taken by my friend Wade Barker at Thursday night’s game between Texas A&M and the University of Texas. Wade is an excellent photographer and shoots a lot of sports. Be sure to check out his site, especially his other sports photos.

Day 32: Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing

I visited a beautiful trout hatchery today in southwest Missouri where not only are trout raised but they are released into the streams where fishermen like this one can try and catch them. He didn’t catch anything while I was watching.

Day 31: Bike Tricks

Bike Tricks

Day 30: Jason


My friend Jason is a really good guitar player. He’ll tell you he’s not, but he is. I really love it when he plays Trace Bundy songs. So far, it’s been a relaxing Thanksgiving break.

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