Day 4: I Feel the Static

Cascada Routine

Nikon D300 – Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 – 17mm – 1/3 sec – f/2.8 – ISO 400 – SB-600 flash fired slow rear-curtain sync on-camera

Day 3: Learning About Light

Portrait Session

My friend and I have started going out shooting on Friday afternoons, and last Friday another of my friends volunteered to accompany us to model while we worked with off-camera flashes. This shot was taken with a single strobe fired through a white umbrella. RAW processing in Adobe Camera Raw and post-processing in Photoshop.

Day 2: Jazz Recital

Jazz Recital

Piano, trombone, bass, drums, and, of course, the saxophone played by my friend and fellow photographer Andrew. Taken this evening at a Jazz Studio Recital on campus.

Also, per request of Louis, an avid HDR photographer who has some sweet work you should check out, I’m going to display my HDR images in higher resolution.

Day 1: Project 365 Begins

Painting with Light

My Project 365 has officially begun.

Project 365 Starts Tuesday

One of the things I struggle with as a photographer is always wanting to show my best shots, and only my best shots. I’m not some super-amazing photographer where every single frame is print-worthy. I shoot a lot — a couple-hundred photos a week on average. Sometimes, especially with sports, I’ll blaze through of ton of frames and only get a couple shots I even consider decent. I want this portion of my site to reflect the fact that photography is my art, and as such it is changing as I learn and grow. Not everything an artists draws or paints is a masterpiece, and the same is true with my photography.

I’m pretty busy with all I’m juggling this semester, but I want to start my own “Project 365” where every day I’ll post a photo, design project, or some other creative work. Typically people post a photo a day from that day, but I can’t commit to that, so I’ll be posting a number of previously un-posted photos and such as this project progresses. Hopefully I won’t miss any days, but a year is long time and my life is anything but predictable. I want to post a healthy dose of current photos, though, so readers can follow snippets of life as viewed through my lens. Some images will be heavily post-processed, others will be straight out of my camera. Expect to see a wide range of subjects, styles, and techniques as the images will cover the gamut of my two and a half years of experience as well as represent my current activity and experiments.

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