Ergonomics in Your Keyboard

Your parents may have been (or still are) on your case for displaying poor posture at the dinner table or for not holding your pencil correctly when you were a kid, but they probably didn’t preach to you about the importance of your keyboard. I’m going to. I’ve been using an ergonomic split keyboard for just over a year now and it’s been one of the best computer hardware investments I’ve made. Being one of those individuals who can easily spend over 10 hours of my day working on the computer, my keyboard is very important because it’s my primary control device. Maybe your keyboard doesn’t get as much use as your mouse, and if that’s the case you should really learn to use keyboard shortcuts for the programs you use.

The vast majority of keyboards are flat and straight – much like boards in fact. You have to contort your wrists in order to type. The advantage of a split keyboard is that your shoulders and wrists are in a more natural and relaxing position while you use the keyboard. I am certainly no ergonomics expert, but I can tell you what’s comfortable and what’s not. So if you’re interested in ditching your old keyboard and buying something that won’t continue to lead you down the path towards developing carpel tunnel, is offering my favorite split keyboard with a mouse and free shipping for only $36! This model is more than just a split keyboard, too; it has leather wrist rests, a slew of helpful and customizable buttons, and comes with a removable plastic piece which lifts the front of the keyboard up to allow better access and ergonomics when your arms are slanted down towards your keyboard.

If you’re hesitant because maybe you’ve tried a split keyboard before and it felt too strange, or maybe you’re like me and your right hand likes to steal the left hand’s keys while typing, I would still recommend giving it a try. It did take me a little while to get used to the split keyboard, but now that it’s completely familiar to me, I wouldn’t trade it for all the normal keyboards in the world. Well, maybe I would for an Optimus Maximus.

Italy Gallery Coming Soon

Famous last words, but I seriously hope to at least launch a partially-populated gallery of my photos from Italy soon. For now, you can build your anticipation by checking out the below picture from St. Peter’s Basilica as well as a few others I’ve posted.

St Peter's Light

Tiber River HDR

Tiber River HDR

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