Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

While going to upload this photo to my server my copy of SmartFTP informed me that it will no longer be offered for free. I’m pretty bummed because I have used SmartFTP for a long time and really like it. I guess I’m either going to have to shell out $40 for a license or find a free alternative. Any currently-free FTP software recommendations for me?

Firefox 3: Setting a World Record

The number isn’t official yet, but the world record is – Firefox is claiming 8,290,908 downloads in one 24-hour period. The idea of setting a world record (there isn’t one for this category yet) was a great marketing tool for the release of Firefox 3. The beta version of Firefox 3 was good and so is the full release version. I don’t have any gripes with it yet, but I am still waiting for all my extensions to be updated to work with the new version. If you didn’t help out with the world record achieving yesterday, you can still download Firefox 3.

Update: Delicious released an updated build compatible with Firefox 3 which integrates extremely well with Firefox’s built-in bookmarking system. There is also an unofficial update for the awesome Tab Mix Plus extension.

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Budapest at Night

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