Summary of Last Week

Abroad Again

We’re flying out again tonight, this time headed east to Europe and Asia. I’m probably going to cut back on the words and just try to post more pictures for this trip. Now I need to get back to double-checking what I’ve packed….

SanDisk Sale

The trusted Photography store Adorama has some great deals on SanDisk memory cards. It’s not the golden instant rebate, but if you’re willing to deal with either a gift certificate towards a future Adorama purchase or a Visa Gift Card you can get some cards for about 50% off. The rebate details (PDF link) show that they apply to both Extreme III and Extreme IV models – including the ridiculously fast Ducati edition cards which boast up to 45MB/second sequential read and write speeds – but the speed differences between the Extreme III and Extreme IV cards are probably not enough to make people want to pay as much for a 4GB Extreme IV card as they would for an 8GB Extreme III card.

If your camera takes compact flash, I would tell you to choose the 4GB for $38, the 8GB for $60 with free shipping, or the 16GB Extreme III card for only $105 with free shipping. If you’re not shooting with a higher-end SLR or you happen to be rockin’ a Nikon D40, you should look into the 4GB or 8GB Extreme III SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards for $20 and $38, respectively. You can save even more if you buy more than one card for select models. For all these cards just confirm that your camera will accept them, especially for the higher-capacity cards, and read the fine print for the rebate offers.

Get Naked, Promote Web Standards

Today is CSS Naked Day 2008, “a world-wide event that lasts for one international day (48 hours) where webmasters around the globe strip CSS from their websites to promote Web Standards with layered semantic markup, and a clear separation between content, and presentation to enhance accessibility” according to Dustin Diaz, the instigator of CSS Naked Day. If you’re reading this during the 48 hour event, you’re viewing my site without any formatting or glitz. If you’re reading this after CSS Naked Day there are other ways to see this page without CSS such as choosing View > Page Style > No Style in Firefox.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and these files contain code with all the formatting for sites. They tell the browser how all the tags and classes should display. Without style sheets developers would have to define each and every instance of a tag, so CSS saves a lot of time and effort and allows for a site to receive a face-lift easily by just replacing the CSS. To see some great examples of the power of CSS, check out Select a design from the list on the right side of the homepage to see how much a page can change when only the CSS changes.

Oh, and if you’re here to view my galleries, clicking on a thumbnail will load the image, it’s just way down the page for some reason. I didn’t have to time to fix the code, so I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Fixing Canon PowerShot SD600 Lens Error

With only a few days left before the end of our trip my dad brought me my sister’s Canon PowerShot SD600 that he had been using for the last 5 weeks and told me that he was getting a “lens error, restart camera” error message on the LCD screen when he tried to turn it on. The thing had been thoroughly abused during our adventures – accidentally of course – and my mind played back incidents of it being dropped onto sidewalks, sprayed with sea water, and, what I thought brought about its ultimate demise, the time where it came into contact with a sandy beach. I didn’t have the tools to open it up then, but today I finally got around to pulling out a micro screwdriver and removed the six main screws holding the casing together. I found a great guide including pictures on how to open and fix the lens error. I used my Giottos Rocket Air to blow free a number of sand granules from around the lens and gears. I popped the battery back in and voila, the lens actually extended and opened! I reassembled the housing after cleaning sand and other particles from the pieces. The extending and retracting of the lens doesn’t sound as smooth as my SD800, so I’m not sure how much longer it will last, but at least it’s been revived for the time being.

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