Photoshop Express

Adobe has just launched a free, simplified online version of Photoshop for public beta. Besides simple things like croping, rotating, and removing red-eye, Photoshop Express offers more possibilities with adjustments for white balance, hue and saturation, and sharpening. They’ve even thrown in a few effects like black and white, sketch, and distort. Adobe has created a slick interface for users, keeping it simple with multiple scroll-over thumbnails showing what a certain change or effect will look like before it is applied. Users can also hide adjustments after they are made, just like layers in Photoshop. People unfamiliar with Photoshop will find Photoshop Express fun and useful, but experienced Photoshop users will also find this online version useful as a quick editor when away from their home computer and a place to store up to 2GB of photos after creating an account.

Check it out and create your free account.

Update: Photoshop Express will not support any image with a resolution larger than 4000 pixels on the longest side. Don’t worry about this unless you shoot with a camera that has more than 10 megapixels.

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