Optimus Maximus (Toaster Included)

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the Transformers franchise, but it does have to do with transforming. The long-awaited Optimus Maximus keyboard designed by Art Lebedev seemed as if it would never make it to the consumers, but this auction on eBay proves that at least one wealthy consumer will soon be a proud owner. So what’s so special about this keyboard? Each normal key can be replaced with a key housing a 48×48 pixel OLED display, allowing the user complete control over what is displayed on the key, color and all. Check out this video from CES for a better idea of why the pricey keyboard is so cool.

P.S. I read about this on Engadget, and it looks like the keyboard seller read the same post too, because he has humorously responded to a comment about the keyboard’s lack of toast-making capabilities by now including a toaster in the auction alongside the keyboard.

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