Assembly Line Graduation

My brother graduated from college last Friday in one of the efficient, mechanical, and very impersonal ceremonies at his large state school. Yes, one of the ceremonies. There were three of these several-hour-long ceremonies that weekend, just to cover all of the fall graduates. While I am very proud of my brother and was very happy to see him graduate, most of the people around me could care less about him. Before the ceremony even began one of the people in the row of seats behind me complained to her relative that the ceremony was going to be too long and that they had to watch “all these other people” when they only wanted to see their friend or relative graduate. She then asked if they were going to play the game where they try to find the longest name in the program. Her relative answered affirmatively and they busily began hunting, laughing over all the foreign names as they mispronounced them. The man a couple rows in front of me must have been a experienced veteran who had survived many of these ceremonies, because he had brought along both a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS which he alternated between for the duration. The ceremony did last a long time, and it was run like an assembly line to produce diploma-toting graduates, but it was all worth it to see my brother receive his degree — even if the people around me didn’t care. Congratulations bro!

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