Gmail 2.0

It may not technically be Gmail 2.0, but it’s a newer version. I noticed today that Gmail looked a little different and also found out I had some new options. I also have a new link at the top of my Gmail next to the settings link that says “Older version” which lets me revert back to the version most people are used to and probably still have since not everyone has the new version. I assume Google is rolling it out gradually to avoid running into any major problems. I also think that everyone who does have the new version is trying it out right now because it is running slower for me and I can’t access the new contacts directory. Hopefully that gets fixed soon so I can do some more poking around. From what I’ve heard the new version is supposed to be faster, have a better contact manager, and provide a number of other useful options. Do you have the new version, and if so, what are you impressions?

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